Yasar university


When our school said we could do an internship in Izmir, we jumped right in! It’s good to learn but we learn more from doing.
We have all been to Turkey but never to Izmir and we did not know what to expect.

Yasar is a private university but some people are here on a scholarship. built in 2001.

This will be our office for only one month. It was built in a year!

yasar uni

We will be working @ the international office. Very friendly and helpful people who received us with open arms. They have a hard time working tough because they are helping the international students. It will settle down once the lessons start.

The big fellow on the left is Levent (Deputy Director) and the pretty lady on the right is Ceylan (Marketing).

team flag


Wow! What a beautiful campus! It looks like a resort. Palm trees, hanging garden, fountains and singing stones.
This internship has the feel of a holiday but of course we are here to help Yasar.
We are belgians and we like our Beer. The Turkish beer is not bad at all and there is a skylounge where can drink. It’s runned by Baran Sengul, a Turkish psychology student. He also does student affairs and showed us around. Without him we would be lost.
He speaks good English and is very funny.

at the bar with baran hanging garden tim ster yasar cares

International students

A lot of international students are flooding in and we are making many new friends. From all over the world! From Australia to France, from Erasmus to fulltime students. Bachelor and Masters, all in English. Yasar seems to be working hard on improving their international relations.

Ali from australia is an Erasmus students @ Yasar, currently studying economics. We have shown him the wonders of Belgian beer
and chocolates. Especially “Duvel” a strong but yet blonde beer.

ali duvel

yasar photoshoot 1
photoshoot 2


Yasar built its own accommodation close to the school, because we have not visited Izmir before we booked a room here. It’s 17 euro per night including breakfast, wireless internet, air conditioning and housekeeping. Not very cheap but easy and clean.

accomodation 1 accomodation 2


We wanted our visit to Turkey to be a healthy one so we looked for a gym first. They have one! It’s basic but it’s more than enough for our needs. In the same building they also have a basketball court (indoor and outdoor). The indoor one can be converted to a tennis court.

fitness best picture ben en tim @ gym 2 ben en tim @ gym 1 team basketball

Working out? Be sure to drink enough water and eat quality food.
In every building there are several water dispenser with hot and cold water. There is a cafeteria and across the school exit there are several nice restaurants. Food is so cheap and good in Turkey we have eaten too much already. Working out every day is a must for us!

The best restaurants close to uni are safran (front exit, by the metro station) and at the rear exit to Hann’s and Sey.

safran food water dispenser orange juice








Where to eat, drink and chill? 

If you are free between your lessons you can stop by cafeteria which is in front of the entrance and is open all day long. They are offering nice tea, coffee and some snacks. In the morning you can buy delicious bakery food.



Are you hungry? Yasar University has canteen where you can eat delicious food for affordable price. It is open from 12.00 – 14.00. If you want to enjoy the amazing campus full of palm trees, fountains and relaxing music you can sit outside as we did 🙂



Yasar has a unique roof bar at the top of C building open from 5 pm. It is a great place to sit  while enjoying the view or chat with your friends. Some students clubs also organize meetings and various kind of celebrations here.



  1. Can u plz tell me how i can take admission in Yasar University. I am from pakistan and waiting for my final semester result of undergraduate programme BS Computer Sciences. I want to do Master in Computer Sciences .

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