Only in Turkey

grapefruit 2
  • Drinks and social life !

Tea, tea, tea !!!

Everywhere we go, we find people drinking tea. The Turks seem to be addicted to it. It’s more than a drink, it’s a way of life. Playing games and talking while they drink tea.

After a meal we are often offered free tea. They have such a warm culture. The usual tea in Izmir is black tea. If you are in Izmir, you really have to try it, but beware that you do not become addicted to it ! 😉

Turkish tea

average price tea: 1 TL

Izmir is full of people playing games such as backgammon and cards. They gather in big groups and take it very serious. Sometimes they play for money, but it’s illegal. On many occassions we have played games too, it’s the way to get to know the local crowd and vibe. We play cards, rummikub, domino’s.

turkish games big

Loads of Turks smoke tobacco, either nargile (water pipe) or cigarettes. Smoking like a Turk is a cliché that’s true.

Turkish tea Turkish tea

Turkish coffee

It tasted so good, but yet totally different.
It’s stronger than european coffee, great to wake you up in the morning! It’s in a smaller cup because it’s stronger, but don’t worry it lasts a while. Together with some chocolates it’s taste like Turkey.

Turkish coffee

average price coffee: 1.50 TL

We all three love to drink Turkish coffee. In the beginning it took some time to get used to it, as there is a residue in the cup. Make sure you don’t drink this! 🙂

Ayran yoghurt drink

During your stay in Izmir, you will quickly notice that this drink is very well-known. It’s drunk with every meal.

This yogurt has a slightly salty taste, which makes it different to other milk drinks.
We ourselves do not really like the drink, but try it anyway, and you will find out what it tastes like !



Not a lot of people in Europe know that Turkish is big on wine. It produces a vast amount and supplies a big part of the middle east. The wine is slightly drier and slightly sweeter than French or Italian wine.

Fresh fruit juice everywhere!

All that walking makes us tired but we’re lucky there are fruit juice stands on the street.
For only one or two lira! The best ones are grapefruit and orange. The grapefruit really gets you going and is very healthy to. This page starts off with a juice stand.

  • Food

Eating has become a hobby for us here, it’s fair to say we have gained a few kilo’s!
Our favourites are the bread, the meat, fresh fish and the deserts. Most of the time we eat out but all the menu’s are in Turkish so check out our Turkish speed course page for basic food vocabulary.

Close to Yasar uni we often eat @ hann’s, safran and sey. There is a cafeteria in the school where they serve good food too, the same food is served @ the dorms.

It’s very cheap and the portions are huge. It’s Typical turkish to grill everything. Izgara = grill and everything grilled is amazing.

izgara inside

If you visit Turkey, we recommend these dishes:

  • Köfte
  • Tavuk
  • Rice is sweater than in Belgium.
  • Durum, but the durum is better in Belgium.
  • waffles with Nutella and fresh fruit
  • And of course Turkish bread
fresh bread food post ali 1tim tom

Here are some examples of food that we eat the most over here:


Izgara köfteIzgara Köfte

Tavuk with ricetavuk with rise

Tavuk saladTavuk salad

Izgara tavukIzgara tavuk


Iskender dönerIskender döner

Kumpir, A turkish jacked potatoe!: A patato filled with vegetables, you can choose wich toppings you put in the patato. The best Kumpir is found in the Bazar of Konak. Just ask for Kumpir and someone will guide you there!


Durum kebabdurum kebab


Breakfast omeletOmelet


  • Turkish market, a place to fill your fridge !

Every Saturday there is a market with a real local vibe!

It’s a place we go to fill up our fridge to save money.
You’ll find everything you can imagine. For example fruits, vegetables, nuts, bread, pasta, cheese, clothes, shoes and more!

It’s different to the market in Belgium. They all shout to attract people

If you want to buy quality food for a very reasonable price, this is the ultimate opportunity!

This market is not only a must because of the low prices but also because of the traditional food.

Feel free to ask people for a taster and get to know the incredible flavours.
As already said, it’s cheap, but haggling is always possible.
For example 1 TL for 1 Kg of oranges.

This market is a must, especially in good weather conditions!

Every Saturday until 18 o’clock

Across the bridge (metro station Bölge), nearby restaurant Safran.


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