How to get around the pearl of the Aegean, Izmir.

First experience
Upon arrival @ the airport, we did not know how to get to Yasar dorms. Luckily then was a Turkish guy named Ali, who showed us the way to Bölge metro station. A very good start to our internship!
He told us that is easy to get around Izmir and not expensive at all.

Ali took the metro with us and we were amazed by the quality of public transport, better than in Belgium!

Types of transportation

    • Metro
    • Train (Izban in Halkapinar)
    • Ferry boat
    • Taxi/cab –> Yellow  and white ones, more about that later on this page.

One chip card to rule them all! Only one card for 3 types of transportation. We bought it for 6 lira in a metro station, charged the card and we were set to go. It’s possible to buy it @ every metro station, put money on it, then scan it to enter the metro/train/ferry system.

kent kart

The best way is to buy separate cards for each person. If you transfer within 90 minutes it’s free and it’s only 2 lira to hop on bus/train/metro and 4 lira for the ferry. It’s the cheapest way to travel, also very clean and quick. Watch out for the slamming bus doors though, they don’t have a sensor and close very fast. It’s not a bad idea to ask the taxi driver to drive safely, some of them are crazy.

The most pleasant way to travel is by ferry-boat. Izmir is shaped like a U so if we want to travel from on end to another, we go by boat. Drinks on board.

boat trip with view izmir bay thomas @ ferry

The most convenient way to travel is the metro. But it closes at 00.30. If you miss it, the only option is a taxi. Always ask them to put the meter on, they understand the word “meter”.

Compared to Belgium the taxi is also cheap. There are yellow and white ones. Yellow is for medium to long distances and white for small distances.

The train system (Izban) is basically the same but for longer distances. Transfer is in Halkapinar, close to Bölge (Yasar university). The train is very modern an is ideal for longer trips.

izban in trainizban tim

This is a picture of Benjamin and Ali on the way to party place Alsanjak! The place to be for clubs, bars, restaurants and beautiful women. Look at our nightlife page for more information.

benjamin and ali on the metro

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