Basmane by the day

An important part of travelling is being safe! If you are in Izmir don’t go to Basmane after dark. We have been there twice, once after dark but we stayed on the big roads. It’s pleasant to go there in the daytime tough.
We want to see every side of Izmir to give you a complete story. we bought a big bag of tobacco for a lira, had a falafel in a Lebanese place and smoked a waterpipe. Best falafel ever! Falafel is a traditional lebanese dish made of chickpeas. It’s vegetarian and pretty healthy.

We haven’t encountered any real danger in Izmir, but we are cautious as we always are in new countries.

We like an adventure and a different culture. We have been here for 3 weeks and learned so much and made so many new friends.

Best restaurant in Izmir


Almost every day we go to the same restaurant. Why? The food is great, the owner speaks English and is very helpful and friendly. It’s an added bonus that the meal is healthy to attract customers from the next door gym.

It’s a 5 minute walk  from the school and a delicious alternative to fast food. Everything is fresh and brought in every day. The tea and water are free, check out the Turkish food page on our blog to find out more about Turkish hospitality.

Yasar is next to Bölge metro station, after crossing the bridge of the metro, cross the street and stay left. You will see the sign: SAFRAN. Enjoy your meal! Afiyet olsun!

There is a cafe next door where we play checkers and drink tea.

safran benjamin baran in safran

Victory for Yasar

Ceylan from the international office (Marketing department) is playing in the women’s tennis final.
She has been playing tennis for a few years now and we are looking forward to see her playing!
Her oponent’s name is Dilek and the final is on the 13th of February.

ceylan before final

Before the match there was big excitement in the international office. Ceylan was nervous and didn’t want to disapoint us. It’s possible to combine study’s here with work experience/internships so plenty of supporters for the match.

Off to the match!

Ceylan won with ease! 6-1 6-2. Congratulations to her!

ceylan in action ceylan tennis victory group