• ALSANCAK–> The party place to be! Here are a few discos we visited, there are so many options to party… Too bad that we’re only staying for one month.

GioGio RainRain Marche CebaretMarche cebaret BarNYBarNY Ooze VenueOoze Venue Mischka ClubMischka Club Pearl ClubPearl club

A great place to meet some new people. To bad that we don’t have a good picture but here we can show you the street where you need to be.

1560421_10152227753769661_133583272_n[1] IMG_1007
  • KUCUKPARK–> A place with a lot of bars and cozy places where you can hang out and talk with some friends. Kucukpark is close to some universities so there are a lot of students at night.The first time we went to kucukpark we had some drinks at a bar, we drank Efes. It is a beer from Turkey that we like a lot, we where suprised about the quality of the beer because we Belgian people are used to good beer.IMG_0577Kucukpark has a big street full of places where you can smoke waterpipe, offcourse with some tea!IMG_0920[1]benjamin smoking nargile stierFor the gamers there are also a lot of gamehalls where you can play all kind of PS3 and PS4 games. If you pay 3,5 lira (1,16 euro) you can play for one hour. Perfect for a lazy evening.IMG_0760


  1. Being a student, is always complementary with nightlife. As I can extract from this pictures, nightlife in Izmir is more than OK!

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