Must sees

One of our favourite places in Izmir is definitely the big bazaar in Bostanli. We went there last Wednesday and we were so lucky because it wasn’t that crowded as usually. Fruits, vegetables, kitchen tools, shoes, glasses, handbags, jewelry, various kinds of clothes… Here you will find really everything. Especially girls can’t skip this place! ūüôā






After shopping you can sit on the grass by the seaside, chill, eat gözleme (a very delicious turkish speciality) which you can buy in the bazaar.


How to get there? Take the ferry from Konak to Bostanli, from where you can also enjoy a beautiful view. After arriving to Bostanli you just need to walk 10 minutes near to seaside and you will reach the venue.



The wildlife park of Izmir: Dogal Yasam Parkl


Where we’re from, Belgium (Antwerp), we¬†too¬†have¬†a zoo.¬†Although, Izmir offers a safari-esque experiance¬†by showcasing¬†wildife¬†in¬†vast¬†enclosures,¬†simulating¬†their natural habitats.

Surprised as we are, we are never going back to the zoo in Antwerp. The Izmir wildlife¬†has more variety of inhabitants. There are 2 watchtowers that give a great view of the surroundings so we didn’t lose our way.

zoo panoramic

52307261[1] izmir-dogal-yasam-parki-icin-fotograf-yarisma-3172053_o[1] idyp-42[1]

There was a baby elephant, called Izmir. Together with the parents it’s the main attraction of the zoo. There is also a place where we could eat a meal for 12 lira = 4 euro.

baby elephan

The zoo is easy to reach by public transport, first we took a metro and then for another fifteen minutes on a bus. We took the metro from Bölge (next to Yasar) to Halkapinar.
Transferred to izban (train) to Cigli.
Upon arriving we asked for the bus 751 and it stops @ the zoo. Not far at all and the zoo is amazing! On the way back we got of the bus at a random place because we saw the sea and were enchanted by the view. Hopped on a ferry and before we knew it we were back in Konak.

seaside panoramic

The price for this beautiful zoo is unbelievably cheap! 1 Lira = 33 euro cent

ne lira


When visiting Izmir, Konak is the first place to go, it is the heart and soul of Izmir.
When you arrive from the station the first thing you see is the clock tower and the sea behind it.

Izmir changes so much in the day and night. In the day it’s a place of sightseeing and at night it’s magical.

Konak is where traditional Turkey meets modern Turkey. It’s crazy how fast Konak is develloping with new buidings however it keeps in touch with it roots.

Everything is close to the metro station of Konak¬†and it only takes 20 minutes to get there form Bolg√ę.
As konak is the heart of Izmir the efficient public transport allows for good networking.

Clock tower

It’s the icon of Izmir! Built in 1901 and a gift by the German Emperor Wilhelm 2. It’s especially attractive at night, sometimes Izmir is really magical. If we walk along the shore to Alsanjak, we encounter a lot of fish restaurants.

clock tower facebook clock tower pigeon clock tower @ sunset

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Another landmark of Izmir: Asansor. An ancient elevator built in 1907 by a wealthy jewish banker. More about the history on wikipedia.

We made the mistake of not looking for the entrance and using the stairs to climb up. Good exercise but hard with 6 liter of water in the rucksack. It was worth the while tough, a beautiful view accompanied by a beer.

One of the best restaurants is the top, we didn’t eat there because it’s expensive. It looked very nice tough.

asansor beer asansor view

Bornova Forum, Bornova

This is a shopping complex very close to our dorm and it has everything a western students need. It’s new and pretty big. Besides shopping it’s also a nice place to eat and drink a Duvel¬†(Belgium beer). It has a western style with shops like Nike, Lacoste,… It has electronics store, a starbucks and alot more…

forum bornovaforum 2starbucks

To our surprise Izmir is actually very modern and yet different. We wanted to experience new things but the forum does feel like home. There is also a super market where we can pay with our debit/credit card.

Yasar provides a free shuttle bus that takes us to the Forum, from 17.00 to 23.00. If we miss it we can take a taxi for only 6 lira.

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