Turkish food

Turkish snack

We went to the best simit store in Alsancak to eat some simits and humku, something you really need to try! After we had a simit we had a little chat with the owners of the store and they invited in there house. The hospitality of Turkish people gives us a warm feeling.

It was a small house with tipical Turkish decoration, they offered us some tea and coffee.1459667_10152227754869661_1104619721_n[1]

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Best restaurant in Izmir


Almost every day we go to the same restaurant. Why? The food is great, the owner speaks English and is very helpful and friendly. It’s an added bonus that the meal is healthy to attract customers from the next door gym.

It’s a 5 minute walk  from the school and a delicious alternative to fast food. Everything is fresh and brought in every day. The tea and water are free, check out the Turkish food page on our blog to find out more about Turkish hospitality.

Yasar is next to Bölge metro station, after crossing the bridge of the metro, cross the street and stay left. You will see the sign: SAFRAN. Enjoy your meal! Afiyet olsun!

There is a cafe next door where we play checkers and drink tea.

safran benjamin baran in safran