About us…


Summer interns at International Office Yasar University:

Dori from Hungary and Lucy from Slovakia


We were so lucky to spend  two amazing semesters as Erasmus students at Yasar University and  we also take the opportunity to work during the summer as  interns at International                   Office.

Dori: I am coming from Budapest, Hungary where I am studying Tourism and Hospitality Management in Szent Istvan University.

Lucy: I am from Slovakia and I am studying Marketing and Massmedia Communication at Paneuropean University in Bratislava.

Of course we are happy to continue the blog of previous interns from Belgium; Benjamin, Tim and Thomas. We would like to give you some useful advices what to do, where to go and what to see around Izmir. Hope you will read our posts, feel free to like, comment and share!






The first bloggers: Belgian interns

First Country: Turkey
First City:
Izmir, the pearl of the Aegean

Our names are Benjamin Pryor, Tim Jacobs and Thomas Neven.
For one month (February 2014) we will be interns in Izmir, Turkey. Interns for the international office in Yasar University.
Thank you Yasar for this opportunity!

We live in Belgium and study Marketing @ Thomas More College nearby Antwerp. We are happy to get some experience in this lovely university. We will put all our experiences with Izmir and Turkish culture on this blog.

Follow this blog closely to join us in our journey. We look forward to unraveling the story of Izmir!

Yasar has a Facebook page where you can check out our workplace.
Also a Twitter account of the international office: @YasarStudyIzmir



  1. Hi guys, nice blog. Looks great!
    How did the adaptation go? towards other students, colleagues, civilians, ..

    Enjoy your last days

    1. Thank you jens. Well it went pretty well, Izmir is actually very modern.. but still different. There is a bit of a language barrier but body language is 70 procent of communication. The students are interested in everything western so we are making loads of friends.

  2. He guys

    After Benjamin told me so much about your experience and about your blog it was time for me to check this out.
    I have to say it is a very nice blog. Pictures are alwasy good for keeping the attention, and there are a lot of them. Make sure it doesn’t become a photo-album instead of an informative blog. But the texts written in the different sections does certainly inform very well.
    Maybe you could add one other section? A section about less agreable experiences and/or things people should be aware of when going to Izmir, or Turkey in general. Just one suggestion that pops in my mind.
    But I would say: keep up the good work! Keep expanding, keep travelling!
    Good job!


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