Turkish snack

We went to the best simit store in Alsancak to eat some simits and humku, something you really need to try! After we had a simit we had a little chat with the owners of the store and they invited in there house. The hospitality of Turkish people gives us a warm feeling.

It was a small house with tipical Turkish decoration, they offered us some tea and coffee.1459667_10152227754869661_1104619721_n[1]

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When you’re in Turkey, get a haircut! So cheap and unique..

You get a full service haircut, starts with washing, cutting and then shaving.

The shaving is very nice, they do it very well and use a new knife every time. There was one strange thing that we never saw before, after the barber is done he take a stick, dips it in flammable gas and sets it alight. When it is burning he slaps you a couple of times with the stick so all the remaining hair goes away, it does not hurt but it’s a strange feeling!IMG_0620


Travelling to Turkey? Use Turkish airlines!


On our journey to Izmir, we looked for a quality airliner and found Turkish airlines to be the best! It’s not the cheapest but price/quality wise it’s the best. We left from Brussels and switched flight in Istanbul to Izmir.

It’s around 250 euro for a return trip and it only takes 8 hours to get there.

We had a high altitude seafood meal and enjoyed it. And the drinks are free too! Funny thing is Benjamin lost his iPad on the plain. After a marathon through the attatürk airport, he found it. We did miss our flight but Turkish airlines was able to change it.

The journey did start of with chaos but it was an adventure. An interesting start to the internship. No worries, Turkish airlines to the rescue. They changed our flight to the next one (an hour later).

On the airplane it was possible to play games or watch a movie.

tic tac toe